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Breath Reset: Decode Your Nervous System

Duration45 minutes
Capacity2 - 40
Price$180 USDfor 5 people$25 USDfor each additional person

About this event

Working remote has proven to many that the mixture of home and work life consumes much more energy than previously expected. With this, many people in the at-home workforce have lost touch with many aspects of themselves, one of the most important being their nervous system. Your nervous system makes or breaks how you handle the day to day stresses. This is why our host Andrew Bathory is ready to put your team back in control of their minds and bodies by utilizing breathing techniques and taking a deep dive into your nervous system and how to manage it for optimal health.

What to bring:

For this event your team will only need somewhere to sit comfortably as Drew takes you through this mind-body experience.. Then, simply arrive to the video conference at your designated time and enjoy!

Drew Bathory

Co-founder of ELMNT Studio

Montreal, Canada

Drew Bathory is a mind-body educator, community activator, and playtime professional. Co-founder of ELMNT Studio (Thiothiake | Montréal), Drew is recognized for cultivating an embodied approach to sharing and facilitating human experiences that ignite the soul and awaken the heart. With experience teaching internationally at conferences and retreats such as C2MTL, Wanderlust Festival, Toronto Yoga Conference, and Expo Yoga Montreal, Drew is dedicated to co-creating brave spaces for self-inquiry, empowerment for physical and emotional wellbeing through movement practices, mind-body science, music and conversation.

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Breath Reset: Decode Your Nervous System

Duration45 minutes
Capacity2 - 40
PriceStarting at $180 / 5 people

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