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Magic and Mentalism with Hayden Childress

Duration45 Minutes
Price$450 USDfor 5 people$20 USDfor each additional person

About this event

Give your team a break with an unusual experience that will leave them wanting more. This show is all about the decisions you all make as a group. Using sleight of hand card tricks, mentalism/mind-reading, and even magic-using technology on your side of the screen, your team will explore their inner deception.

The host, Hayden, believes it’s not enough to have a show where people sit back and watch him do magic tricks. In today’s day and age, audiences and teams want to be engaged! In this 45-minute session, your team will be brought on to the monitor and ask to participate in interactive tricks that will blow your mind!

What to bring:

  • Pack of playing cards (optional but recommended)
  • Pen and a sheet of paper
  • 5 blank index cards (draw or write something on the notecard before the show - whatever you want!)

Hayden Childress


New York, NY

Hayden Childress is a mentalist and magician based on the east coast. He has performed off-broadway in New York City and for theaters around the country. Hayden also completed a TED talk on interactive performance. You've seen rabbits pulled out of hats... now see hats pulled out of rabbits! (figuratively of course)

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Magic and Mentalism with Hayden Childress

Duration45 Minutes
PriceStarting at $450 / 5 people

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